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Palo Santo Wood Incense Stick

Palo Santo Wood Incense Stick

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Product Details

    • Style: Bohemian
    • Material: Wood
    • Type: Incense
    • Size: 10cm
    • Category: Bohemian Wellness & Self Care


    • Info: Aromatherapy Energy Cleansing Palo Santo Wood Incense Stick
    • Experience the magic of Palo Santo with our natural Wood Incense Sticks. Perfectly balanced scents of earthy sweetness transport you to a calming place. Elevate your spiritual practice with this ancient, sacred wood. Get ready to be inspired!
    • Enjoy a sense of peace as you spark your lighter, igniting the stick and filling the air with a delightful blend of citrus and woodland fragrances. Exhale deeply, releasing any negative energy that has been cluttering your space.
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