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What Is Boho Interior Design?

Boho or Bohemian interior design is a free-spirited approach to interior decorating. It is all about playful colors, textures and patterns. It encourages individualism, multicultural elements and decorative objects. It has a little bit of an 'anything goes' approach, it is unconventional and eclectic. Boho interior decorating involves mixing and layering textiles, art, and accents. It is about fusing styles together in a casual way. 

Although Bohemian interior design is unique to you and wide ranging, there are some characteristics that make it what it is and can be added to any room to create that Boho feel. 

Global Influences & Storytelling

Bohemian style reflects a nomadic lifestyle and so global influences and pieces that tell a story about your life are key. A Boho interior features a collection of trinkets from varied placed traveled that often have a tale of where they came from. Bring in family heirlooms, handcrafted pieces, and memoirs from your travels. Play around with placement and clustering, there are no rules besides telling a story. Cambodian Ikat and Persian area rugs are also common features in bohemian home decor, they can add layers of color, pattern and texture which are common to Bohemian style. 











Handmade & Natural

Nature and artistry are prominent features in bohemian style. Adding succulents and houseplants bring pops of color and keep your space feeling fresh and lively. Don't be afraid to go over board with plants! Highlight paintings, sculptures, and wall hangings to bring in a creative and hand made element. Wooden furniture can also add instant warmth and comfort to any Boho space. Wicker and woven elements ad texture and natural touches can also show up like leather poufs or cowhide rugs. 


Decorative embellishments offer that wow factor that sets this interior design style apart from the rest. Think beads, tassels, fringes, sequined fabrics and canopies. Don't be afraid to bring in a few over statement pieces such as adding large pattern wallpaper to one wall or putting a lacy indoor hammock in your living room. Simply throw embellishment pieces together, tweak placements a bit, and allow for a bit of a perfectly imperfect look.

Mix The Old & The New

Vintage or second-hand items that are gently used have history and soul. These items mixed with more modern pieces will make them pop and stand out. There is no need to try to match, a care-free approach is encouraged in Bohemian style. You can add little trinkets and decor or go bigger. Don't be afraid to be a little bold, think of items such as a modern wood frame simplistic chair beside a French-style side table. Or, a comfortable contemporary couch with a large distressed mirror resting against the wall. Shop at garage sales, antique, consignment or vintage shops to discover pieces that will give a classic vintage touch. 


Make It Boho Chic

You can also have a chic and glam side, a more curated Boho look. A Bohemian style with a hint of sophistication. Bring that out with an ornate mirror, shiny chandelier or even smaller items such as an antiqued jewelry box. The only rule is that every item in the room should tell a tale.


We hope these tips help you get started on creating your own unique, perfectly imperfect Boho interior. 

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