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How To Live A More Bohemian Lifestyle

Bohemianism is a lifestyle, it is not just a style or a trendy look. A bohemian lifestyle is an unconventional one, often with few permanent or materialistic ties. It is an atypical life, different from the norm. To be bohemian means to express yourself creatively however you see fit. Focus on living in the moment, collecting experiences and nurturing relationships. It is about remembering our talents, our dreams and our true selves, the things that make us happy and fulfilled, rather than trying to fit into society 'norms'. It is about getting away from stress and living a life that symbolizes freedom of thought and living. 

To be bohemian nowadays means to embrace your own personality, align with your own values and convictions regardless of what society tells you or other peoples criticism.  

But, how do we do that? How do you live a more bohemian lifestyle? 

Here are five things you can bring to your everyday life to be a little bit more 'bohemian':

1.  Open your mind

Bohemians across the world like to discover new horizons and immerse themselves in new cultures, which goes hand in hand with having an open mind. But you don't have to make your way across the world to achieve this state of open mind-ness. Instead meet new people, enjoy new experiences, choose to not always take the easy path and see something original. Search for your true inner self, reach a higher level of consciousness with the help of things such as meditation or reiki. 

2. Free your creative self

You don't have to be an artist to free your creative side. Take photos, take notes, jot down your thoughts, doodle, color, paint, dance, sing or do pottery... There are a million ways we can get in touch with your creative side. 

3. Reconnect with nature

Bohemians are more primal and connected to nature. A bohemian is kindhearted in all circumstances, whether it be to the environment or family. Get out in nature more. Be more environmentally aware, be careful of the products you use and how they interact with the environment, recycle, be kind to animals. Get closer to the earth. 


4.  Be true to yourself 

Bohemians shake things up. They revolt against conventional ideas and society norms. They dare to be true to themselves and what they believe in regardless of what other people think. Don’t hide your feelings and thoughts just because they might not seem appropriate for some people - Be true to yourself.


5. Live In The Moment

Bohemians are carefree, because they know that by following this lifestyle they will live life to the fullest. They don't worry about the future or any obstacles that may get in their way. It is very easy in modern day life to over-think and stress about what the future holds. Society puts emphasis on finishing on top, getting that good job, owning the big house. Instead focus on the positives now and enjoy the present moment! 


The bohemian lifestyle is an ideal that strives for a better world and a happier, peaceful life for yourself. 

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