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What's The Difference Between Bohemian and Boho Chic?

Bohemian and Boho Chic are trending words right now, we hear them a lot. But what do they mean, are they different and if so, how? 

Firstly we should look at what Bohemian and Boho Chic mean. 

Bohemian derives from the 19th century Bohemian era. General perception at this time was that artists and Romanian gypsies (nicknamed 'Bohemians') dressed alike and so, ‘bohemian’ became associated with a counterculture of creativity, artistic expression, as well as a disregard to social constructs and mainstream aesthetics. Although the Bohemian style has some distinguishable elements, such as comfort and eclectic-ness, it has no rules. It is about freedom of expression, being true to yourself and seeking uniqueness in fashion choices. 

Hippie fashion came from a reaction to the influences of early rock and roll. Hippie fashion was a rebellion against the conservative styles of the time. Like Bohemian fashion it was about self-expression and being comfortable in your own skin. The difference between Hippie and Bohemian fashion is not that substantial, however, Hippie fashion is about being natural and organic. It added elements of retro and vintage looks to the bohemian style. 

Boho Chic is a combination of Bohemian style and Hippie fashion with 'chic' - a French word meaning elegance and distinguished, to create a more polished and put-together look. Boho Chic allows you to express your personality and sense of style, but still, maintain a level of sophistication. 


What are the differences in Bohemian and Boho Chic style elements? 

To add some Bohemian style to your wardrobe start with basics like loose-fitting jeans or skirts, flowy tops, and comfortable shoes. Then add in some accessory items like flowy scarves, natural color belts, handmade jewelry, and hats to really personalize your look. Go for natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool. Prints, rustic, shabby and prairie trims are also key. All these can be mixed and matched to create endless possibilities. Finally, make sure your clothes are comfortable and that you feel good in them. Confidence is key when it comes to the Bohemian look!

If you want to add in a little 'Boho Chic' to your wardrobe begin by adding some well-fitting dresses, trousers, skirts and tops in neutral colors. Then add some accessories such as printed scarfs, understated jewelry, comfortable shoes and hats. Focus on clean lines and simple silhouettes with quality timeless pieces that have a neutral color palette. 


Bohemian style is definitely more than just a fading trend – and it’s more than just a fashion craze. It’s a veritable lifestyle. Bohemian style represents a wide range of cultures around the world. Boho Chic is a more curated Bohemian look so you can incorporate freedom of expression and uniqueness with a love for the natural and organic world with a sophisticated and elegant look. 





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